Flexibility and immediacy: DDM for SAP

DDM Solutions was born as a company specialized in providing consulting services on SAP, with particular reference to the themes of Document Management.

We deal with the analysis of corporate document processes and the implementation of projects directing them to the complete dematerialization of the flows of the active and passive cycle.

We respond to increasingly urgent needs on the part of customers, in terms of flexibility, immediacy and efficiency recovery. We do it with the DDM for SAP proposal, which is configured as a real AddOn really and natively integrated with the SAP ERP. The DDM has the task of having all the SAP modules communicated with the DMS module, making the documents stored within SAP instantly related to the business flows. No delay and no interfacing.

We provide a large number of implementation options through pre-configured document workflow and we evaluate specific needs regarding internal document management, but also proposals that involve collaboration process with customers or suppliers.


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Consulting Service


We deal with the analysis of corporate document processes and the implementation of projects directing them to the complete dematerialization of the passive cycle flows and more.



We believe that training, together with learning and commitment, is an essential component for the success of our clients' projects and VAR.

App factory


The passion for precision, the attention to the concept of "data in real time" combined with the desire to make the new SAP technologies fruitful day after day make our projects simple for the customer.

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  • DDM for SAP

    With the DDM™ product - Digital Desk Management for SAP the proposal of our document solutions goes towards a level of ergonomics and integration with modern SAP technologies such that our customers are oriented to the extended use of SAP as the first document platform.

    DDM Web Apps!

    The DDM Web Apps! are a set of SAP FIORI-Like applications dedicated to accessing and consuming documents in mobile mode.


    The Approval Module is an eXtention module of the DDM™ (called DDM APFL) and allows you to create approval flows on documents. The approval workflows can be drawn manually by the users or preset to the system based on the company proxies.


    The DDM Mobile platform via the SAP Fiori-like interface allows real-time workflow management. No binding parameterization in terms of business organization. A social character. A trendy look. Access and management of SAP documents never seen before.


    It is one of the technological solutions of the DDM platform that best illustrates how routine operation can be made efficient and simplified. It requests and / or approves the documents referring to its pending list, like to scroll through the pictures of a gallery.


    The Digital Archiving Module is an eXtention module of the DDM™ (called DDM CNSV) and allows you to manage documents dematerialization. This module allows to sending the documents (invoices, delivery notes, accounting books, etc.) to legally compliant archiving, chosen by the company, in a simple way and safe mode, as well as the possibility of manage the ELETRONIC INVOICES

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