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Digital Document Archiving

Collaboration among company areas

SMART Solution


  • Account Receivable and Account Payable documents archiving
  • Account Payable Workflow
  • Legal Archiving
  • E-invoicing
  • Digital Archiving of suppliers’ documents and Contract Schedule
  • PRs and POs Approval Workflow and Delivery Notes Workflow
  • Document Management for Quality control and on site support
  • Digital Signature and Blockchain
  • Digital Archiving of Customers’ documents
  • Sales Offers and Sales Orders Approval Workflow
  • Product Catalogue
  • Technical Drawings Document Management
  • Projects and Prototypes Document Management
  • Product Certifications Document Management


  • Reuse of internal SAP skills
  • Opportunity to build a Business Unit skilled in Document Management
  • Use of an Add-On natively integrated into SAP
  • Extension of application consulting in Document Management
  • Extend the Business Opportunities
  • Competence diversification
  • Evaluation of an Add-On natively integrated into SAP
  • Professional consulting, management control and auditing services
  • Integration of your own software solution in SAP Document Management System


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