DDM cooperates with SAP partners to provide customers with innovative and easy-to-use solutions

Find out what the benefits are for you

  • Reuse of internal SAP expertise
  • Set up a Business Unit focused on Document Management
  • Using a natively integrated Add-On in SAP
  • Improve expertise on Document Management related to SAP processes
  • Enhancement of business opportunities
  • Diversification of skills
  • Opportunity to evaluate an Add-On natively integrated with SAP
  • Improve Professional consulting, audit and controlling services
  • Opportunity to integrate your products with DDM for SAP Applications

partnership program

The DDM for SAP Applications Partnership Program consists of the following 4 steps

1. Partnership Start

We get to meet explaining you the program

2. Training

We teach you how to implement projects based on DDM for SAP Applications

3. The First Project

We teach you how to implement the project

4. Skilled

Now, you are ready to work autonomously for your customers

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