Approval Workflows

The Approval Workflow component increases the efficiency in approval processes. Approvers and Managers involved into workflow do not need to worry about SAP modules or transactions from which approval flow has been generated, but they work directly on documents PDF print of business object and other useful attachments), consulting metadata (real time queries) by using a user friendly UI, both on SAPGUI and mobile devices. Thanks to native integration, the approval actions are synchronous and executed in real time, both from SAPGUI and from the Web.


  • Thanks to the Approval Maps, which can be activated across any business scenario and SAP Business Object transaction, it is possibile to create hierarchical levels of approval
  • Approval Maps can be easily modified in case of changes of roles in the organizational structure, also for the still running approvals
  • Approval Maps allow to specify deputies to whom delegate the approval: the deputies can be activated in real time, including the “already running” approval processes

Target audience

  • Accounting Department
  • Logistics , purchasing and production
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technical Department

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