DDM for SAP Applications

DDM for SAP Applications - The Document Management natively integrated with SAP

DDM FOR SAP APPLICATIONS is an Add-On natively integrated with SAP, that allow the user tomanage easier and faster the document-driven processes within SAP, without changing environment, saving time and therefore increase the efficiency DDM for SAP Applications improves the standard SAP DMS features and can be used tomanage the document-driven processes related to almost any SAP module


Document Archiving and Digitization

Enabling of Document-driven processes

Easily sharing documents among company business functions

Smart Solutions

Flexible and Customizable Solutions

Why choose DDM for SAP Applications?

Strategic Perspective

  • Implementation of Document Management projects based on business processes
  • Reuse and Inherits natively the SAP ERP flow logics, collecting and organizingthe documentsaccording to the relationship of the corresponding Business Objects
  • Thanks to the native integration with SAP, you can improve the tracking and collection of data within SAP, by merging together the business process information, the document data and the document lifecycle data

Immediacy Perception

  • Best user experience, by improving and enhancing the standard DMS features
  • Queries over documents become faster and easier to define
  • Document Management becomes easier, thanks to the automatic document history, labelling and document-driven workflows

Technical Perspective

  • No changes to SAP landscape must be applied
  • Multilanguage
  • Updates can be easily donwloaded through remote connection to DDM Central SAP system
  • Customizable: configure DDM for SAP Applications according to your own business requirements, thanks to the DDM Customizing natively integrated within SAP Customzing and by implementing standard DDM BadIs through SAP ABAP Workbench

DDM Applications

Accounting, Purchasing and Sales

Store, collect, access all the business document within SAP, avoiding interfaces

Approval Workflows

Managing of document-driven workflows within SAP, avoiding external interfaces

E-Signature Integration

Managing of document-driven workflows within SAP, sealing the documents with E-Signature


Managing of E-Invocing directly within SAP

Finance Automation

Improve the Accounts Payable workflow performance, running smarter and faster the invoice verification process, thanks to Machine Learning & AI algorithms

Web Mobile Access

Access SAP document-driven workflow from any mobile device

Learn how DDM for SAP Applications can improve your document-driven processes

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